Organic Test Prep

Why Vanguard ?

Vanguard takes a unique approach to prepping for the SAT or ACT. We don’t focus on tips and tricks, but organically learning the subjects and topics needed for the test. This has longer lasting results than cramming strategies.

What Sets Us Apart

Small Core-Groups

9:1 is our maximum student to instructor ratio. Period.

Course Customization

 Our A-la-carte system allows you to pick and choose which subjects you want. If you’re already a wiz in English and only need Math, then you would only enroll in what you need

Elite Instructors

Our Instructors hail from elite universities and have scored in the top percentile themselves

Stay in the Loop

Our web application allows parents to keep track of student schedules & attendance.

Group Study-2

Core Groups

Vanguard organizes our classes into set core groups. These core groups have single digit student to instructor ratios, and will never have more than 9 students in a class. On average, you can expect about 6-7 students in one core group.


Vanguard uniquely groups our students into core groups with other students of the same level. These levels are determined when a new student takes the diagnostic tests.


Our curriculum is split into multiple phases. Each of which is designed to manufacture the top scoring student. We first start with the Subject Phase where students build a strong foundation in their core knowledge. Then we transition into the Application Phase where students learn to apply their new skills to test questions. Lastly, the student will then be released into the Drilling and Testing Phases, which work in tandem to fine tune and calibrate their results.


 Vanguard is not a crash course. We specialize in teaching our students organically. This means that we focus on what is tested as opposed to how it’s tested. The result? A track record of not just getting students a higher score, but a top score.