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Our Mission

Prepare for the Boardroom Not the Assembly Line.

At Vanguard, our mission is to enable the future leaders of our globalized world to meet their full potential. We commit to providing meaningful, all-encompassing college preparation that regards each student as an individual and prepares him or her for the boardroom, not the assembly line. Instead of teaching students how to “hack the test,” we equip them with the fundamental skills of critical thinking, communication, and collaboration to enhance their understanding and problem-solving skills in all domains. Students are more than a test; therefore, we empower them with the knowledge they need to follow any educational and career pathway they desire. We recognize that every child learns differently, so we tailor our instruction to suit unique needs. Equipped with a facility designed to conduct small, specialized classes, our elite, experienced staff provides organic learning opportunities and individualized counseling that are authentic and purposeful.

We encourage continual questioning and curiosity in students with the goal of extending learning beyond the classroom so that our students will be successful in the elite college of their choice and beyond.

Our Roots

Building a Community

Vanguard College Prep was founded by two University of California graduates. It had humble beginnings in Texas. The founders would initially teach students out of public libraries throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, giving Vanguard a garage start-up feel. They were motivated by their aspiration of revolutionizing and reforming the college prep culture in the U.S. Students came to Vanguard expecting to be in a classroom outside of school; instead, they were greeted by instructors who took an interest in their education, mentored them in regards to high school, and inspired them with tales of their own college experiences.

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