Organic SAT & ACT Prep

What is organic test prep?

Organic test prep is

educators teaching a topic in its entirety and for the ultimate goal of learning and building core skills as opposed to the short-sightedness of preparing for a few tests.

At Vanguard, we believe that instructors should educate, NOT facilitate.

What Sets Us Apart

Small Core-Groups

7:1 is our maximum student to instructor ratio. Period.


Our A-la-carte system allows you to pick and choose which subjects you want. If you're already a wiz in English and only need Math, then you would only enroll in what you need.

Elite Instructors

Our Instructors hail from elite universities and have scored in the top percentile themselves.

Stay in the Loop

Our web application allows parents to keep track of student schedules & attendance.

how our curriculum works

Number of Phases

Our curriculum is split into 4 phases

the subject phase is where our expert instructors go over everything that is needed to succeed in the test. 

during the review phase, students will showcase what they have learned during the subject phase and our instructors will fill any holes in their knowledge.

the application phase is where our instructors polish the student’s skills and connect concepts previously learned directly towards the test. 

lastly, once our students consistently hit their goal score, they are released into the testing phase to practice on their own and take as many tests as possible in our exam center.

Subjects offered

English is your native language, so you think you can depend on the way a sentence sounds to get through the test. However, you’ll come to realize that these higher-level tests are designed with the purpose of assessing core grammar and writing skills. Vanguard instructors go over every grammar rule in the English language and teach you how to spot their assessment on the test to apply them. Our tried and tested methods have not only earned our students perfect scores on this section of the test but have also ensured they walk away with the ability to harness the conventions of the English language with command and be effective communicators.

You’ve been studying math all wrong. But it’s not your fault. You’ve been taught that math is nothing but formulas, postulates, and theorems to memorize. So, you go through the motions of memorizing them and forget them two weeks after the test. Vanguard’s approach to math is different; we believe that it is more important to understand a topic and know its purpose, than memorize gibberish only to be forgotten. Our math curriculum will cover everything you need to know for the SAT or ACT, but more importantly, you’ll finally truly understand how math works.

Reading comprehension is a critical aspect of our day-to-day lives. Whether you’re digesting a novel, combing through the news, or analyzing reports, being able to translate text into tangible information is what sets top scorers from the rest. Recognizing the variety amidst the types of texts generated by diverse authors allows individuals to read at a higher level. At Vanguard, the reading curriculum is designed to help learners work their way to the apex of the bloom’s taxonomy pyramid.

Exclusive to the ACT, the Science section is covered at Vanguard in a manner whereby students learn the core critical thinking skills needed to do well in this section. The course focuses not just on basic scientific knowledge, but more importantly on helping hone the student’s reasoning, analytical, and comprehension skills.

So how do I get started?

Step 1: Diagnostic Test
Staying Connected
Step 2: Decide on Service
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Step 3: Core-Group Placement
Step 4: Begin Classes
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