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As colleges are becoming more competitive, it is important to have a plan. Do you have the four pillars of college applications set? The grade level the student is in will determine what steps need to be taken immediately.

Students usually begin planning from as early as the winter of 8th grade. This allows them to capitalize on all the Summers available during their high school years. Vanguard has recruited the best college counselors to guide our students through the process, ensuring our students’ application is strategic.

what we can do for you

College Matches

Assist students in college identification, selection, and understanding the admissions process.

Scholarship Scout

Create a list of scholarships that students qualify for in order to win free money.

Financial Aid Tips

Help parents and students navigate the financial aid network of FAFSA and CSS PROFILE.

Internship Search

Help customize a plan that includes summer programs, internships, and volunteer opportunities.


Our proven methods have produced results

and have helped our students get into world class universities with scholarships!


Let us help eradicate popular misconceptions and ease the uncertainty you have about what colleges are looking for in applicants.

We can't stress how proud we are of our wall-of-famers!
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