Personalized College Counseling

Vanguard College Prep’s elite team of college counselors and essay specialists have been sending students to their dream college for years now. We do this by helping them navigate the application process and giving them a strategy towards success. Not just for applying to colleges, but finding and applying to scholarships, internships and volunteer opportunities. Parents get peace of mind knowing that their child’s future is in the hands of professionals who have guided
many before them with overwhelmingly positive results!

How College Counseling Works

College Applications Essays

Vanguard offers 1-on-1 sessions to guide students in brainstorming, outlining, editing and reviewing college admissions essays. We ensure the student is able to articulate their unique experiences in their own voice.

College Matches

Assist students in college identification, selection, and understanding the admissions process.

Scholarship Scout

Create a list of scholarships that students qualify for in order to win free money.

Male College Student Working With Mentor
Happy student learning on line and taking notes in a notepad doing homework looking at laptop screen in a desk at home

Internship Search​

Help customize a plan that includes summer programs, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

Resume Building

Our elite college counselors will support students in conveying their extracurricular experiences at a professional level.

Financial Aid Tips

Help parents and students navigate the financial aid network of FAFSA and CSS PROFILE.


Our proven methods have produced results

and have helped our students get into world class universities with scholarships! Let us help eradicate popular misconceptions and ease the uncertainty you have about what colleges are looking for in applicants.

We can’t stress how proud we are of our wall-of-famers!