About this service

Our team of specialists from top 20 Nationally ranked universities

helps guide our students through the process of writing amazing essays.

We offer 1-to-1 essay draft sessions.

Vanguard's specialists will help students showcase their achievements, bring out their own voice in their essays and help convince the admissions officer why they are a great candidate for the school.

*Vanguard College Prep has no affiliation with the above universities. 

Our Philosophy

Colleges and universities alike are universally seeking the next notable alumni through their respective application processes. Though the college application process consists of standardized test scores, cumulative high school GPA, and extracurricular activities, none of these numerical aspects of the application adds a face to the applicant’s name. Thus, the college application essay is each applicant’s opportunity to add a face to an otherwise unknown name on an otherwise anonymous application. Much like a professional cover letter, the college application essay is an applicant’s chance to personally shine. Without it, the applicant’s application lacks the luster for admission; but with a cogent, powerful essay, the gates of even the most prestigious Ivy League schools swing open in warm, welcoming acceptance.

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