Vanguard College Prep

Natasha Chan

Natasha Chan possesses eleven years of experience in classroom management and pedagogy. She has been working closely with learners since high school and has since become an AKEB certified teacher. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine and moving to Dallas, Natasha realized that there existed a massive learning gap within and between local ISDs as well as private schools. Her experiences with CISD opened her eyes to the need for spaces wherein highly skilled and specialized educators empower students to think and learn at a higher level.

Since she believes in a usable education, Natasha took it upon herself to introduce an effective way of learning to students of the Dallas Metroplex. By founding Vanguard College Prep, she ensures that the institute is the only one of its kind to incorporate principles of advanced pedagogy. Keeping classes small and customized, Vanguard instructors focus on building the skills present at the apex of the bloom’s taxonomy pyramid and mold comprehensive lessons to suit a diverse group of learners.

Natasha has been featured as a community leader in education by U.C Irvine’s School of Social Sciences. She has also been interviewed by KCBY to share her expertise about standardized tests. She has been invited to hold talks at local ISDs and other private organizations to provide insight into the dynamic landscape of college admissions tests.

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